Thank You for Celebrating 53rd World Rotaract Week!

Filipino Rotaractors, Happy World Rotaract Week!

Thank you for celebrating the 53 years of existence of Rotaract and the impact Rotaract has made to the young generation, like us, as well as to the various communities that benefitted and continues to benefit from our service projects

I am very proud of how you celebrated this week with a good mixture of opportunities to have fun, to connect, to learn, and to serve others. Despite the limitations brought to us by this COVID-19 pandemic, we still conducted various activities that elevated the experience of our members and uplifted the quality of life of an individual or a community. We have also highlighted to our Rotarians that we are key in shaping the present and future of Rotary. Thus, I continue to call on our Rotarians to be open to learn, engage, and empower our Rotaractors.

Continue your burning passion to serve and develop yourself through the platform of Rotaract. Don’t forget to share this burning flame to rookie and potential new members. Rotaract has been here for more than five decades because we continue to attract, inspire, and develop members. Let this be a reminder that our strong legacy will continue if we grow our number.

We are so close to ending this Rotary Year but as early as now, I am already certain that your clubs and districts have done a very good job this year. I know that you will still maximize the remaining months to cap this Rotary year with remarkable accomplishments. Rotary Year 2020-2021 will not only be remembered as a year of COVID-19 pandemic. It will be remembered as a year of courage and heroism to surpass the odds of COVID-19 to build a strong Rotaract movement and help the Philippines’ build back better.

Let us continue to #TransformPilipinasRotaract together.

Mabuhay kayo Filipino Rotaractors!

Louie Boy De Real


Pilipinas Rotaract Multi-District Information Organization

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