Unified Twin and Friendship Agreement Guidelines and Templates

Updated: Feb 13

Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO Board Resolution No. 2020-01

A Resolution to Adopt Unified Guidelines for Twin and Friendship Club Agreement Across Pilipinas Rotaract

In an effort to unify and simplify the guidelines and templates of twin and friendship club agreements across the ten member districts, the Board of Directors of Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO composed of the ten Philippine District Rotaract Representatives formally adopts MDIO Board Resolution 2020-01.

Once adoption is confirmed in each member district through the approval of 2/3 of their active Rotaract clubs, Rotaract clubs can already:

1. Use a one-page agreement template applicable in any district in the Philippines 2. Follow same set of procedures for pre-, during, and post-agreement


Single Template

  • One simplified template which can be used by all Rotaract clubs in the Philippines regardless of district

  • Additional provisions may be included depending on clubs' desired twin/friendship relation

Same Procedure

  • Same set of procedures to be undergone by Rotaract Clubs in the Philippines regardless of district

  • Eliminates need to adjust with the procedures per district especially for twin club relations


Twin Clubs - Two clubs from different districts that form a long-term relationship to promote common understanding and goodwill and carry out service projects in their communities

Friendship Clubs - Two clubs from the same district that form a long-term relationship to promote common understanding and goodwill and carry out service projects in their communities


  1. Develop and implement at least one joint project every year in relation to any of the Rotary avenues of service;

  2. Conduct at least one joint face to face or virtual meeting every year to provide opportunity for friendship and understanding between the members of the Rotaract clubs;

  3. Host each other’s club members when visiting the Rotaract clubs’ area of jurisdiction whenever feasible, provided that advanced notice has been given by the Rotaract club of the visiting member/s and the arrangements to be accorded to the visiting member/s have been mutually agreed by the parties prior to the visit; and

  4. Promote friendly communications between the members of the Rotaract clubs using any applicable medium


Phase 1: Pre-Agreement

  • Conduct club board meeting to evaluate proposals for twin/friendship club relations

  • Authorize President to sign agreement

  • Implement one joint project and one joint meeting with the intended twin/friendship club

  • Express intent to enter into twin/friendship club relation to respective District Rotaract Representatives and District Officers in charge of International Service

  • Include reports of conducted joint project and meeting

  • Intended date, time and venue of signing of agreement

Phase 2: Signing Proper

  • Virtual or physical signing ceremony

  • Clubs may conduct additional activities to make the signing ceremony more meaningful such as, but not limited to:

  • Exchange of bannerettes, tokens, delicacies or handicrafts

  • Engagement activities

  • Presentation of each club’s programs and thrusts

Phase 3: Post-Agreement

  • Submit the following to respective districts:

  • Copy of the signed twin or friendship club agreement

  • Report of the signing ceremony

  • Report of every joint activity/project that will be undertaken during the term of the twin/friendship relation



  • Ensure submission of reports to the district certifying that joint projects/meetings have been fulfilled by the Rotaract clubs during the term of their twin/friendship agreement

  • Club board authorizing the President to sign renewal

  • Notify the district through the District Rotaract Representative and District Officer in Charge of International Service on the date, time and venue of intended renewal ceremony

Renewal Proper

  • Same agreement template with new twin/friendship club relation


  • Depends on the clubs' preference

  • Minimum of one (1) year


Twin/friendship agreement may be terminated at any time within its validity term by any party for a cause provided, at least fifteen (15) days prior notice was given to the other party

Kindly refer to this link to access the signed resolution, the unified template for twin/friendship club agreement and certificate of twin/friendship club relation.

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