Rotary Face Mask and Hand Sanitizer Guidelines

Rotary International released the Rotary Face Mask and Hand Sanitizer Guidelines to guide clubs and their members who are interested in buying, designing, donating, or selling face masks and hand sanitizers (including Rotary-branded ones).

During this global pandemic, we need to be sensitive while meeting the needs of the community. Distributing face masks or hand sanitizer to the public that feature large or conspicuous Rotary logos may be seen as capitalizing on this health crisis to raise money or promote membership. For that reason, any face masks or hand sanitizer distributed or sold to the public by clubs must have a discreet design. If the design includes the Masterbrand Signature, Mark of Excellence, or another Rotary logo, the logo must be small and unobtrusive.

Salient Provisions in the Guidelines

  1. Licensed vendors have begun to sell approved Rotary-branded face masks and hand sanitizers. If you want to produce your own face mask and hand sanitizer container design or have it manufactured or produced by an unlicensed vendor, submit a release request along with a sample design of the face mask and hand sanitizer container.

  2. Your custom design will be reviewed and, if approved, Rotary will grant authorization for production.

  3. If you are donating face masks to the public, consider using Rotary branding on the packaging instead of on the face mask itself.

  4. All face masks offered for sale should include a disclaimer on the promotional materials such as: “Cloth face coverings are intended for personal use only. They are not intended for medical use and are not a replacement for medical-grade personal protective equipment.”

  5. Rotary does not encourage selling face mask or hand sanitizer, if your club chooses to do so, Rotary suggests your club to provide it in exchange for a donation.

  6. All hand sanitizer, alcohol-based or non-alcohol-based, offered for sale or donation must comply with all applicable local, national, and international regulations and guidance, including labeling guidance. Don’t use statements like “effective at eliminating over 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria” or “kills flu or coronavirus” in conjunction with your distribution or sale.

  7. Questions about buying or designing a Rotary-branded face mask and hand sanitizer can be sent to

Access the full guidelines here. Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO will provide support to the Rotary International in ensuring that Rotaract clubs in the Philippines will observe the Rotary Face Mask and Hand Sanitizer Guidelines.

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