RoTalino! Battle of the Brains

Activity Description: An inter-club quiz bee competition involving three representative Rotaractors per club. Individual scores of representatives will be combined to determine the ultimate whiz club. This quiz competition will use the Kahoot! App and will be played live by inviting club teams to join a video call.


  • To promote academic excellence through testing Rotaractors’ knowledge in core academic subjects and current events

  • To gain additional experience in competing in quiz bees

Activity Timeline

Registration Cut-Off: September 11, 2020 (Friday)

Elimination Round: September 13, 2020 (Sunday), 1 pm

Final Round: September 20, 2020 (Sunday), 1 pm

Registration Form:

Registration Fee: FREE

Quiz Categories:

  1. English

  2. Mathematics

  3. Science and Technology

  4. History

  5. Current Events


  1. Champion - P2,000 Cash

  2. 2nd Place - P1,000 Cash

  3. 3rd Place - P500 Cash

  4. 4th and 5th Place - P100 Cash

All winners will receive Certificates of Recognition.

Cash prizes of winners will be sent via GCash while certificates will be sent through email.


A. Eligibility and Entry

  1. This event is open to all active Rotaract Clubs in the Philippines.

  2. This is a team player game. One team per Rotaract Club.

  3. Each team must be composed of a maximum of three (3) representatives.

  4. One participant, one Kahoot! and Zoom app to be used.

  5. Registered teams will be notified with Zoom joining details via email.

  6. All representatives of the registered teams must download the Kahoot! Mobile app prior to the actual game. Download link:

  7. Game will begin as scheduled. Late comers will have to manage how they will be able to catch-up once the game is already ongoing.

  8. Devices to be used must be connected to a stable internet connection in order to participate seamlessly in the game.

  9. Kahoot! game pin shall be revealed in the Zoom Room.

  10. A panel of quizmasters will be formed to formulate and review the questions prior to the challenge.

B. Elimination Round

  1. All representatives of registered teams will answer a 10 question Kahoot! game.

  2. The scores of the representatives of each team as automatically computed by the Kahoot! App will be combined to serve as the team’s overall score. In case one or two representatives of a team is absent during the elimination round, only the score of the present representative will be counted.

  3. The top 5 teams with the highest overall scores will advance to the final round.

C. Final Round

  1. All representatives of the top five teams will answer a 50 question Kahoot! game. The first 25 questions equate to 1,000 base points each called as the Average Batch and the next 25 questions equate to 2,000 base points each called as the Difficult Batch.

  2. The scores of the representatives of each team as automatically computed by the Kahoot! App will be combined to serve as the team’s overall score. In case at least one representative of a team is absent during the final round, the team will be disqualified.

  3. The overall scores of each team will determine the final ranking of the teams.

D. Others

  1. Players are entrusted to embody the Four Way Test and not use search engines to look for answers while the game is ongoing.

  2. Players should post on Facebook their experience playing the game using the hashtags #PHRotaractDigiFest20 #RoTalino2020


For inquiries, please contact 09125926736 / 09969885551 and personal message in of TP

Sammy Capina Macaraig – RAC Candelaria and TP Adrian Sto Domingo – RAC Lucena



  • Rotaract Club of Candelaria

  • Rotaract Club of Downtown Batangas City

  • Rotaract Club of Lucena South

  • Rotaract Club of San Pedro All Star

  • Rotaract Club of Tayabas Central

  • Rotaract Clubs of Rotary International District 3820

  • Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO

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