POP-RAC Nights: A Pop Culture Trivia Battle

Activity Description: This trivia battle is patterned after the popular American television game show Jeopardy! It is a quiz competition in which contestants are presented with pop culture clues in the form of answers and contestants must phrase their responses in the form of questions. This trivia battle will be a competition of the representative teams from the ten districts in the Philippines.

Activity Timeline

Registration Cut-Off: September 4 (Friday)

Elimination Rounds: September 5 & 12 (Saturday), 7pm

September 5

Game 1: District 3800 vs. 3810 vs. 3820

Game 2: District 3790 vs. 3830 vs. 3860

September 12

Game 3: District 3770 vs. 3780 vs. 3850 vs. 3870

Matching of competing districts based on ranking in terms of no. of reported Rotaractors.

Final Round: September 26, 2020 (Saturday), 5pm

Registration Form:

Pop-RAC Nights Registration Form

Quiz Categories:

  1. Movies

  2. Sports

  3. Music (Excluding Korean)

  4. Love and Romance (including BL)

  5. Anime

  6. TV Series

  7. Fiction

  8. Celebrities

  9. Festivals

  10. Art

Registration Fee: FREE


  1. Champion - Php 2,000 cash (Php 500 cash per member) and get a chance to win additional Php 500 cash in the bonus round

  2. Elimination Round Winners (3) - Php 200 worth of load (Php 50 per member)

All winners will receive Certificate of Recognition while participants will receive Certificate of Participation. Cash prizes of winners will be sent via GCash while certificates will be sent through email.


  1. This is a team player game, one team per district and four Rotaractors per team.

  2. This event is open to all ten districts of the Philippines.

  3. Official players will be notified with Zoom joining details via email.

  4. The organizers will use jeopardylabs.com as the game platform and will utilize the screen sharing function of Zoom to play the platform live during the game schedules.

  5. There will be 3-4 districts competing in each elimination round. The winning teams in each elimination round will compete for the final round.

  6. Games will begin as scheduled. Late comers will have to manage how they will be able to catch-up once the games are already ongoing.

  7. Devices to be used must be connected to a stable internet connection in order to participate seamlessly in the game.

  8. A panel of quizmasters will be formed to formulate and review the questions prior to the challenge.

  9. Each game will have a total of 25 questions divided equally among the 5 pop culture categories.

  10. Each question per category will have a corresponding number of points based on the level of difficulty.

  11. The sequence of teams in choosing a category and answering a question will be decided by draw lots.

  12. Teams are each given 500 points at the start of the game. They can use their 500 points to purchase a POWER. Each power costs 250 points. Only one POWER can be used per question. Teams cannot counterpower once a POWER is used against them.

  13. Once a team has already chosen a category and corresponding score value, the question will be revealed and then the corresponding team will be given 20 seconds to brainstorm their answer. After the 20 seconds time limit, the team will be given an additional 10 seconds to give their final answer or opt for POWER usage. Opposing teams will be required to mute their microphones during the active team’s turn.

  14. The last answer given by the active team will be considered as their final answer. When a team answers the question correctly, the corresponding score value will be added to their total score. On the contrary, wrong answers will result in score deductions respectively.

  15. The active team will be required to raise both of their hands during their turn to avoid cheating or referring to a digital or printed material. Teams that will be caught cheating will be disqualified immediately.

  16. Players are entrusted to embody the Four Way Test and not use search engines or prepare printed materials to look for answers while the game is ongoing.

  17. Players should post on Facebook their experience playing the game using the hashtags #PHRotaractDigiFest20 #PHPopRACNights.

  18. The winning team in the final round will be declared as the Ultimate Pop-RAC Champion.


  • Choices

  • The team is given two choices where they can select their answer for the question.

  • Double Score

  • The points value of a question will be doubled if the team’s answer is correct. If the answer is incorrect, points to be deducted will be the original point value of the question.

  • Immunity

  • In case of a wrong answer, the corresponding points value of that question will not be deducted from the team’s score.

  • Pass the Question

  • In case the team does not know the answer to their chosen question, they can pass that question to another team. The team who passed the question will not receive any point deduction.

  • Search Power

  • The team will be given 20 seconds to use a search engine to look for the answer to the question.


For inquiries, please contact TP Kim Bryan Arasula at 09365283287 or email us at bryanarasula@gmail.com.


  • Rotaract Club of Downtown Batangas City

  • Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO

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