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As part of the organization's Digital Transformation initiatives, Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO is launching its online learning and development delivery platform powered by Google Classroom. The platform aims to become a repository of curated MDIO, district and club developed learning and development materials which are relevant in growing the leadership and professional competencies of Filipino Rotaractors.

Amidst the national situation brought about by COVID-19 pandemic where clubs and districts are challenged in conducting their preterm training sessions, Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO took the lead of developing a set of eLearning materials geared towards preparing our Rotaractors for the next term. These materials will feature Pilipinas Rotary and Rotaract sought after speakers.


Here are the first set of topics for preterm preparation.

APRIL 25 Rotaract 101

MAY 1 Project Planning and Development

MAY 8 Rotary Brand and Public Image

MAY 15 Rotary Protocols

MAY 22 Rotary Action Plan and Strategic Planning

MAY 29 Rotary Online Tools


1. Enroll in the online university by accomplishing this form: https://bit.ly/PHRotaractOnlineUniversityEnroll

2. Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO will invite your registered email to the online class.

3. Take the course/s you have enrolled to of which the materials will be uploaded on the above-mentioned dates.

4. Pass the course quiz.

5. Accomplish the course evaluation survey.


Rotaractors will earn certificates for completing each course provided they enrolled, took the course, answered the quiz and responded to the evaluation survey. MDIO will give special recognition to those who have completed all the six courses.

This initiative is aligned with Rotary Action Plan Strategic Priority No. 3: Enhance Participant Engagement.

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