Pilipinas Rotaract Digital Festival Call for Bids

In celebration of the 52nd Anniversary of the First Rotaract Club in the Philippines, Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO is calling Rotaract clubs and districts to support the celebration and bid to host a virtual engagement activity to be part of the monthlong Pilipinas Rotaract Digital Festival.

The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted our face-to-face interactions but it should not stop us from doing what we are best known for - FELLOWSHIP. Rotaractors deserve engagement activities that would help them cope in this time of pandemic as well as foster multi-district connection.


A month long celebration of the 52nd Anniversary of the First Rotaract Club in the Philippines filled with nationwide virtual engagement activities/contests hosted by districts and Rotaract clubs

Sample virtual activity ideas:

  • Miss Q&A/ Pageant

  • Singing Contest

  • Dance Contest

  • Vlogging Contest

  • Make Up Transformation Contest

  • Mobile Legends, Call of Duty and other e-Games

  • Quiz Bee

  • Hackathon

Your club may have an innovative contest idea.


We are looking for districts and clubs who would want to host nationwide virtual engagement activities. If you are interested, kindly submit the ff. bidding requirements:

  • Letter of intent to bid addressed to MDIO Chair and signed by the District Rotaract Representative and District Governor

  • Proposed activity proposal with the ff. details:

  • Activity mechanics (including criteria for judging if applicable)

  • Activity poster/publication materials

  • Proposed activity date and time (weekends of September) plus program flow, if applicable

  • Budget and registration fee (if any) with explanation of how it will be spent/where will it go

  • Organizing Committee Structure and Members


Who can bid for hosting?

  • One or multiple districts

  • One Rotaract club as lead host with the district as support

  • Multiple Rotaract clubs in one district with the district as support

  • Multiple Rotaract clubs in different districts with their districts as support

As a host district/club, you will be responsible for planning and implementing the engagement activities which include:

  • Managing registration and coordination of participants

  • Developing communication materials

  • Overall management of the activity proper


Deadline of Submission of Bidding Requirements: August 15, 2020

Email soft copies to mdio@pilipinasrotaract.org

Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO will select the activities which will be part of the Pilipinas Rotaract Digital Festival on August 21, 2020 during the 1st Quarter Multi-District Council Meeting.


Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO will recognize the Rotaract Clubs and districts who will be hosting virtual engagement activities during the Pilipinas Rotaract Digital Festival. Their recognition will be awarded during the 10th Pilipinas Rotaract Convention.

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