PH Rotaract leaders undergo virtual, globalized training

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Elyrose Naorbe, Editor-in-Chief of Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO

The community quarantine imposed in the Philippines due to COVID-19 forced Rotaract to adapt to the new normal and conduct their projects virtually at the comfort of their home. The Pilipinas Rotaract Rotaract Multi-District Information Organization (MDIO) took this new normal as an opportunity to innovate the annual pre-term leadership training of the incoming district Rotaract representatives and MDIO leaders dubbed as the District Rotaract Representatives Elect Training Seminar (DRRETS).

The training program was conducted last June 12-14, 2020 by the Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO in partnership with the Rotary International District 3780 and with the Rotaract Club of San Francisco Del Monte Malaya Achievers as the lead host district and Rotaract club.

The training consisted of general learning sessions featuring Philippine past district governors, Rotary zone leaders, officers of Rotary International South Pacific and Philippines Office, and past district Rotaract representatives as well as MDIO leaders in other countries as resource persons.

DRR Nicole Alejandra Ramos of Rotary International District 4250 in Belize, Guatemala and Honduras talking about the roles of the DRR and her experience leading the district

Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator of Zone 10A PDG Virgilio “Jun” Farcon sharing about the Rotary Foundation and how Rotaract leaders can support its efforts

For the first time in Philippine Rotaract history, the training included a live chat of Filipino Rotaractors with Rotary International President Holger Knaack and the handover ceremony for MDIO chairmanship broadcasted live through the MDIO social media accounts.

Live chat with RI President Holger Knaack where he answered questions from Filipino Rotaractors

Immediate Past MDIO Chair Shean and MDIO Chair Louie had their live handover ceremony during the closing session of 13th DRRETS

Patterned after the Rotary International Assembly 2020 concept, the training program provided an overview of the new thrusts for Rotaract and the critical items that have to be pushed by the DRRs in leading district Rotaract towards greater heights. The DRREs also presented their five year plans aligned with the new Rotary Action Plan.

The virtual training was fully digitized using apps to engage participants. Mentimeter app was used to solicit participants’ perspectives on topic areas through polls, word cloud and rating scale. Kahoot! app was used to assess participants’ retention of knowledge through a fun and competitive digital quiz bee approach. Google Classroom was also used to stock speakers’ presentations and participants’ outputs.

The 13th DRRETS used Mentimeter app to solicit perspectives of participants on certain Rotaract thrusts or concerns

District Rotaract and MDIO leaders playing Kahoot!, a digital quiz app, to assess the knowledge they have gained from taking the Rotary eLearning Courses - a pre-training requirement for DRRETS

"With the success of the first ever virtual DRRETS, we have once again proved Rotaract's commitment and capability to adhere to Rotary's Vision. Our revered speakers, panelists and moderators as well as the active participants helped us realize the goals we had in mind when we planned and prepared for this training," shared event's chair DRRE Dianna Isabelle Desuyo.

"In the course of the event, the organizing committee made an effort to develop a program to give an immersive virtual learning experience for a three-day long training seminar. Careful consideration of the internet connection and overall experience of the attendees, in my opinion, determined the success of the event. The event was pulled off with no significant difficulty from the side of the organizers. The speakers have expressed their satisfaction for the success of the event. We hope to see more training seminars for clubs like this conducted in the future," expressed IPDRR Solomon Hermoso, DRRETS co-chair and host district DRR.

For immediate past MDIO Chair Sherry Ann Murillo, she envisioned a stronger and more unified Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO for the next years empowered with Rotary fundamentals dedicated to engage the community and enrich the lives of each Rotaractor.

"By having fun and creating a positive impact on the lives of those whom we are serving through fellowship, innovation and partnership, we can succeed all. Through various training and seminars, I believe that it will develop professional and leadership skills of every Rotaract leader that will enable them to become more effective and efficient champion leaders that will turn the challenges into opportunities," Murillo added.

MDIO Chair Louie Boy De Real considered the first virtual DRRETS as the starting point of a nationwide journey of transformation for Pilipinas Rotaract. Through the training’s digital approach, innovative execution strategy and the diversity of resource persons, they have set the mindset of our district and MDIO leaders to expand their horizon and be open for new opportunities.

"We are now leading in an unprecedented new normal scenario but let us take this as an opportunity to increase our ability to adapt. Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO will help ensure that the Rotaract clubs and districts in the Philippines are resilient and adaptable to the future. We will continue with the successful programs piloted by past leaders but we will also institute changes that will bring more value to the organization and its members. Let us continue to work together in facing our new present and more uncertain future, as One Country, One Rotaract," he added.

Rotary International President Holger Knaack, during his live chat with Filipino Rotaractors, emphasized the need for strengthened collaboration between Rotary and Rotaract. “It all starts with inviting Rotaractors and involving them. Working together with them on an eye level. What we need is mutual respect. Rotaractors are no kids, they are young adults. Some of them are already very successful in their careers, some of them are entrepreneurs. Rotarians have to see Rotaract in a totally different way. If they start working together with Rotaract on the same level then we are able to make progress on the collaboration of Rotaract and Rotary,” shared Knaack.

The Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO is a Rotary international-recognized organization which aims at strengthening the Rotaract movement in the country. It is run by the District Rotaract Representatives and chaired by a Past DRR elected from a pool of DRRs ages 18-30 years old. One of the MDIO-initiated events is the training of incoming DRRs who will lead their respective districts for one whole year of selfless service and leadership development.




This session focused on the policy changes of Rotary International to Elevate Rotaract as well as the role of the District Rotaract Representative in elevating Rotaract.


This session focused on increasing Rotaract membership, starting new Rotaract clubs, and leading Rotaractors into Rotary.


This session focused on various means of promoting Rotaract which include utilizing various communication channels, building awareness and impact of Rotary and Rotaract through public image campaigns, and ensuring that consistent and effective messaging cuts across various stakeholders.


This session focused on how districts can support clubs in implementing service and fundraising projects. The session also talked about how Rotaractors can support the Rotary Foundation.


This session focused on introducing the goals and functions of the Philippine College of Rotary Governors, a valuable partner of Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO in strengthening partnership of Rotary and Rotaract in the Philippines.


Read also the appreciation article of the Rotaract Club of San Francisco Del Monte Malaya Achievers, the lead host club of the 13th DRRETS:

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