Foot-Pedal Alcohol Dispensers for Schools

Thirty foot-pedal alcohol dispensers donated to ten public schools in Rizal province

Foot pedal alcohol dispensers come with instructions on how to use.

The Rotary and Rotaract Club of Lakeshore Rizal as well as the Rotaract Club of Tomas Claudio Colleges turned over thirty (30) foot pedal alcohol dispensers to thirty (30) public schools in Rizal Province to help prevent COVID-19 transmission in schools. While face-to-face classes are still prohibited, teachers and parents may still go to the schools for learning materials during blended and modular learning delivery.

The alcohol dispensers were funded by donations from the Rotary Club of Lakeshore Rizal, various Rotaract Clubs, and partner organizations.

The foot pedal alcohol dispenser donation is part of a bigger project dubbed as Sanitize to Stop the Spread (SSS) Project. A Facebook Fan Page was actually created to publicize infographics that enhance the public’s understanding of COVID-19 as well as promote individual and communal practices that help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Rotaract clubs continue to raise funds for more foot pedal alcohol dispensers. If a club or organization is interested to sponsor, visit

Turnover of foot pedal alcohol dispensers to Baras Elementary School in Rizal

The schools that received the foot pedal alcohol dispensers include the following:

  1. Baras Elementary School

  2. Baras National High School

  3. Baras Pinugay Integrated High School

  4. Bayugo Elementary School

  5. CCL Elementary School

  6. Hulo Elementary School

  7. Hulo National High School

  8. Jala Jala Elementary School

  9. Jala Jala National High School

  10. Lagundi Elementary School

  11. Lagundi National High School

  12. Lagundi CCL National High School

  13. Malaya Elementary School

  14. Malaya National High School

  15. Morong National High School

  16. Niogan Elementary School

  17. Pantay National High School

  18. Pililla National High School

  19. Pililla Elementary School

  20. Pulong Kumanoy Elementary School

  21. Quisao Elementary School

  22. Quisao National High School

  23. Roman Tantiongco Elementary School

  24. San Guillermo Elementary School

  25. San Guillermo National High School

  26. Tanay National High School

  27. Teresa Elementary School

  28. Teresa National High School

  29. Timoteo Reyes Elementary School

  30. Virgilio B. Melendres Elementary School

Partner Rotaract Clubs

  1. Rotaract Club of Aseana Manila

  2. Rotaract Club of Iligan South

  3. Rotaract Club of Malabon Highlands

  4. Rotaract Club of Mega Edsa

  5. Rotaract Club of Quezon City Central

  6. Rotaract Club of Rizal Technological University

  7. Rotaract Club of San Pedro South

  8. Rotaract Club of Valenzuela

Other Partner Organizations

  1. ACE Medical Center Valenzuela

  2. Bagong Gawi

  3. Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines Student Edition NCR

  4. Lingap Diwa

  5. Scholarships Corner

This article contributed by Joseph Leon Matawaran of the Rotaract Club of Lakeshore Rizal was featured in the September 2020 issue of the Philippine Rotary Magazine as seen below.

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