PRECON 2021: Call for Hosts of Fellowship Breakout Rooms

Due to the inability to conduct a face-to-face national convention this Rotary Year 2020-2021 with the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic situation, the Pilipinas Rotaract Multi-District Information Organization will instead organize a virtual national convention dubbed as "PRECON 2021: Pilipinas Rotaract e-Convention or Pre-PROCON". This will be on May 22, 2021.

Part of the programme are fellowship breakout rooms which the MDIO is opening for hosting by interested Rotaract Clubs.


1. A fellowship activity must run only for maximum of one (1) hour.

2. The main objectives of the fellowship activity include enabling Rotaractors to get to know the fellow Rotaractors inside the breakout room, providing opportunity to have fun, and developing connections for potential long term collaborations in the future.

3. Sample fellowship activity ideas:

  1. Online Bingo

  2. Virtual Drink Mixing Activity and E-Numan

  3. Virtual Karaoke Session

  4. Virtual Comedy Bar Session

  5. Meet and Greet with a Vlogger/Influencer/Celebrity

  6. Virtual Speed Dating

  7. Virtual Cosplayers Meet-Up and Anime Quiz Game

  8. Spoken Poetry Open Mic

  9. Virtual Tour of the Philippines

4. The fellowship activity must not charge a registration/entry fee. The fellowship activity may be conducted for a cause, injecting elements in the program to raise funds, but individual donations must be done on a voluntary basis.

5. Each breakout room is targeted to be limited to 50 Rotaractors only. The numerical limit may increase or decrease depending on the total number of PRECON 2021 registrants. The host club will be informed of the final numerical limit at least two (2) weeks prior to the PRECON.

6. The total number of participants per fellowship breakout room will be further limited to an equal number of participants per district, whenever possible. For example, if the total number of participants in the breakout room is 50, there should only be maximum of 5 participants coming from the same district.

7. Rotaractors who will register for the PRECON 2021 will be asked during registration their top 4 preferred breakout rooms. Assignment of fellowship breakout rooms to Rotaractors will then be done on a first come, first served basis. In case the first choice of the Rotaractor for fellowship breakout room is already full, he/she will be assigned to his/her second choice and so forth, until he/she can be assigned to a breakout room with available slots. It will be the MDIO who will handle the assignment of Rotaractors to fellowship breakout rooms. Once participants per breakout room are determined, the host club/s will assume the succeeding coordination with the participants.

8. The host Rotaract club/s will manage the whole one (1) hour fellowship activity including the provision of a Zoom room, technical, emcees, administration of the activity mechanics, and prizes if any. The host Rotaract club/s must execute the activity following the MDIO's approved activity design/mechanics.

9. The fellowship breakout rooms will be promoted as part of PRECON 2021 though host Rotaract club/s can do their own promotional efforts using their own social media pages. The host Rotaract club/s must design the online poster for the fellowship breakout room.


  • One Rotaract club

  • Multiple Rotaract clubs in one district (maximum of four)

  • Multiple Rotaract clubs in different districts (maximum of four)

Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO will recognize the Rotaract Clubs who will be hosting fellowship breakout rooms during the PRECON 2021.


1. Letter of intent to bid addressed to MDIO Chair and signed by the District Rotaract Representative

2. Proposed activity proposal with the ff. details:

  • Activity mechanics

  • Activity poster/publication materials

  • Programme for one hour

  • Budget and fundraising scheme (if applicable)

  • Organizing committee structure and members


1. Deadline of Submission of Bidding Requirements: February 25, 2021. Email soft copies to

2. Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO will select the fellowship breakout room proposals which will be part of the PRECON 2021 on February 27, 2021 during its 3rd Quarter Multi-District Council Meeting.

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