PRECON 2021: District Video Report Guidelines

Each district must create a 3-5 minute video presentation reporting the accomplishments of the district for Rotary Year 2020-2021. These videos will be live streamed during PRECON 2021: Pilipinas Rotaract e-Convention.


1. The video presentation must already include in its content the video/voice recorded messages from the District Rotaract Representative.

2. The report of accomplishments must be grouped according to the Rotary Action Plan Strategic Priorities:

  • Expand Our Reach - Includes metrics such as, but not limited to, club and membership growth, increased online presence/ social media views/likes/engagement metrics, participation in People of Action campaign, publication in Philippine Rotary Magazine, attraction of Rotaractors into Rotary, partnerships

  • Enhance Participant Engagement - Includes metrics such as, but not limited to, percentage of Rotaractors and clubs participating in district and/or MDIO activities, satisfaction/post-event survey results, professional development/training outcomes

  • Increase Our Impact - Includes metrics such as, but not limited to, no. of projects implemented per causes of Rotary, project outcome/impact indicators, funds raised (including for disaster relief, End Polio, or The Rotary Foundation), no. of individuals/families/communities benefited

  • Increase Our Ability to Adapt - Includes metrics such as, but not limited to, adoption by district and clubs of 5 year Rotary Action plans, digitization efforts for district administration processes, improvement in processes/policies, database building

3. The report must highlight key results rather than the mere presentation of activities conducted. Showcasing of activities conducted can be done while presenting the outputs/outcome/impact results generated by said activities.

Example: The district was able to raise 1,000 USD for End Polio (result) through the fundraising projects organized by 30 Rotaract Clubs which include the Online Concert, Raffle for a Cause, and Recycling Campaign (activities).

4. The district report can include at the start the rundown of the district's history of creation and Philippine cities and provinces covered but must be limited only to a maximum of 30 seconds.

5. The presentation of District Team members, if necessary, must be placed as end credits of the video and limited to a maximum of 30 seconds.

6. The following items are no longer needed in the presentation: tourist destinations, local delicacies, festivals

7. Districts’ creativity in the presentation relies on how they can showcase through the video clips, pictures, music, editing and storyboard the theme: Together, We Transformed Lives Amidst the Pandemic. Districts are encouraged to use video clips and pictures that show Rotaractors as people of action and even highlight Rotaractors voice/video recorded inspirational statements. In aligning though with the theme, the district must not sacrifice the need to present the district's key accomplishments.

8. The video must be rendered in at least 720 p resolution (1280 x 720 px) with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and mp4 file format.

9. The video must be emailed as a Google drive link to with the subject RID <District Number> Annual Video Report RY 2020-2021. Deadline of submission is on April 30, 2020.

10. The best video will be selected following below criteria for judging.

  • Content/Presentation of Key Results - 50%

  • Alignment with the Theme and Emotional Appeal - 25%

  • Creativity in Presentation - 25%

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