New Rotary Year Message: Together, We Will Weather this Pandemic

Happy New Rotary Year of Opening Opportunities!

First, let us express our sincerest gratitude to our Champion Rotaract MDIO, district and club leaders for handing over an organization that remains to be strong in these trying times. They were the first to face the challenges that this pandemic has brought upon to the way we administer our organization and do our service projects.

I call upon our Transform Rotaract leaders to continue increasing our organization’s ability to adapt and remain valuable to our members and our communities.

With the Philippines enduring unprecedented periods of quarantine, isolation, and uncertainty, local experts are predicting a rise of cases of anxiety and depression and the youth are among the most vulnerable.

Rotaract has become more relevant than ever as we provide alternative avenues for our Filipino youth to be connected and engaged despite the restriction of physical interaction. Our digital proficiency and natural inclination to innovate amidst limitations are highly needed to continue the works of Rotary, to provide solutions to the negative impacts of COVID-19 pandemic to various aspects of community life, and to increase the resiliency of our country.

For Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO, we understand how valuable our role is in equipping the districts and the clubs with the information, tools and platforms that they need in order to lead in this new normal scenario. As highlighted by our theme this year, Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO along with our district Rotaract leaders, will always remain open to receiving inputs, understanding your needs so we can better provide service.

Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO will continue with the successful programs piloted by past leaders but with the new situation that we are in right now plus the changes to Rotary International policies that elevated Rotaract status, we will definitely institute adjustments to existing programs as well as launch new initiatives that will adapt to the pressing needs of the organization and its members.

Let us continue to work together in facing our new present and more uncertain future. Now is not the time to back down. Instead, we should assist each other, work with our Rotarians, and complement our resources to face a big tide. Together, we will weather this pandemic. I know that Filipino Rotaractors are clever and inventive. Rotaract clubs will definitely rise above the challenge of this new normal scenario - transforming ourselves, our clubs and our communities.

Louie Boy De Real


Pilipinas Rotaract Multi-District Information Organization

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