Committed to Strengthen the National Rotaract Movement

It has always been a dream for the Philippine District Rotaract Representatives (DRRs) to establish a Multi-District Information Organization ever since. There were numerous generations of DRRs who tried to create such an organization. But that dream had just begun to realize when the Philippine Rotaract was given a chance to host the 3rd Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference (APRRC) in 2006. During that time, the DRRs worked as one as they met various challenges while planning and preparing for the important event. The successful hosting of APRRC Pilipinas became the strongest force that made the Philippine MDIO into a reality.

On February 4, 2007, the first meeting for the formation was held in Rotary Club of Cubao Resource and Learning Center in Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City. It was then that the Memorandum of Understanding, By-laws and Constitution were deliberated by then DRRs Devie Ontolan (D3780), Rhosenie Villanueva (D3810), Felimon Brazas Jr. (D3820) and Maria Beth Salvador (D3790). All ten Philippine Rotaract districts contributed and were involved in different ways. Even the farthest DRRs Karlene Lariosa (D3860) and Arnold Gapusan (D3870) were actively involved with online revisions of By-Laws and Constitution. The logo was made by DRR Ardel Buenconsejo (D3850) who is an architect by profession. Truly, the 10 Philippine Rotaract districts joined hands for Pilipinas MDIO application.

The original set of officers was as follows: Chairman DRR Devie Ontolan (D3780), Secretary DRR Filemon Brazas Jr. (D3820), Asst. Secretary DRR Joanie Sitoy (D3830), Treasurer DRR Maria Elizabeth Salvador (D3790), Public Relations Committee Chair DRR Dimple De Silva (D3770) and its Vice Chair DRR Catherine Deang (D3800). Assigned for the Training and Professional Development Committee were DRR Rhosenie Villanueva (D3810) as Chair and DRR Joanie Sitoy (D3830) as its Vice Chair.

There were five districts that tried to submit the MDIO requirements on June 24, 2007 to Rotary International (RI) for inclusion and recognition. However, only three districts complied with all the requirements. It was on November 26, 2007 when RI responded that the General Secretary, on behalf of the RI Board, has approved the request from Districts 3780, 3810 and 3820 to form MDIO.

However, to keep within current RI naming guidelines, the approval is contingent upon MDIO’s acceptance of the revised name “Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO representing Districts 3780, 3810 and 3820” and providing guidelines and bylaws to RI which reflect the changed name. Past RI Committee Director Tom Panis and PDG Sonny Coloma (Zone Coordinator for Youth Resources Group of RI) were the two Filipino RI officers who eagerly helped follow-up the MDIO application status.

On Rotary Year 2008-09, Districts 3790 and 3830 were able to complete the requirements and were included as members. Then, Districts 3800 and 3860 pursue their membership applications in Rotary Year 2009-10 and were immediately recognized by RI. Only in Rotary Year 2012-13 when the remaining three districts (Districts 3770, 3850 and 3870) were approved and recognized by RI to join the MDIO. Thus, the time to use the name “Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO”.

Signing DRRs and DGs to the formation of Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO

  1. 3770 - PDRR Cherrie Rose Gallardo and PDG Corina Tengco Bautista (Signed 2011, RI Approved 2012)

  2. 3780 - PDRR Devie Ontolan - Patricio and PDG Danilo Espinosa (Signed 2007, RI Approved 2008)

  3. 3790 - PDRR Florante Espiritu and PDG Lorenzo Torres (Signed and RI Approved 2008) 

  4. 3800 - PDDRR Analizaa Taan aand PDG Ferdinand Fuentes (Signed and RI Approved 2009)

  5. 3810 - PDRR Rhosenie Villanueva and PDG Lyne Abanilla (Signed 2007, RI Approved 2008)

  6. 3820 - PDRR Felimon Brazas, Jr. and PDG Teotimo Reyes, Jr. (Signed 2007, RI Approved 2008)

  7. 3830 - PDRR Joaannie Sitoy and PDG Renato Magadia (Signed and RI Approved 2008) 

  8. 3850 - PDRR Joshua Amado Bicoy and PDG Melvin De La Serna (Signed 2011, RI Approved 2012) 

  9. 3860 - PDRR Mark Ryan Arquiza and PDG Pablito Parilla (Signed and RI Approved 2009)

  10. 3870 - PDRR Sorilie Christine Bacsarpa and PDG Samuel Fontanilla (Signed and RI Approved 2012)

The 1st Pilipinas Rotaract Convention (PROCON), a national convention for Rotaractors and a first in Philippine Rotary history, was held in February 10-12, 2012. On the 10th year of PROCON, a nationwide contest was conducted to design the official PROCON logo to be used in the succeeding conventions to come. The winning design was dubbed as “Haring Ibon” and was designed by Rotaractor Vhon Chrisnan Ganuza.

Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO released its first newsletter in March 2012, the Pilipinas Rotaract Online. In 2018, the newsletter of the Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO was renamed to "Ang Balangay" conceptualized by Rotaractor Marc Leo Butac after conducting a nationwide contest. The Ang Balangay logo was designed by Past President John Richard Sagum. In 2020, the “Ang Balangay” MDIO newsletter was converted into a digital web page hosted under the MDIO website. “Ang Balangay” newsletter contents were also being sent monthly via email to MDIO email subscribers.

Also among the tangible results of multi-district cooperation is the annual DRR Elect Training Seminar (DRRETS) usually organized by the past and present DRRs of a host district. Since 2008, this event has brought together the incoming DRRs for days of trainings in order to: (1) Provide them a review of the roles and responsibilities of a DRR in preparation for their year ahead; (2) Set up a forum with PDRRs and Past District Governors of several districts for participants to consult their wealth of experience and (3) Allow participants the opportunity to bond with one another and continue the fellowship among the districts during their term. 

In June 12-14, 2020, Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO, in partnership with the Rotary International District 3780 and the Rotaract Club of San Francisco Del Monte Malaya Achievers, organized the first ever Virtual DRRETS. It was the first time that the national training had global and regional Rotary and Rotaract leaders as speakers and a live interaction was undertaken with a Rotary International President (i.e. Holger Knaack). The DRRETS programme also included the first ever virtual handover of MDIO chairmanship.

​Another activity organized by the MDIO is the Annual Magic Badminton Cup conceptualized by PDRR Mhon Brazas which serves as a venue for Rotaractors from different districts to come together and have fellowship through playing badminton. This provides more opportunity for Rotaractors to widen the network for potential collaboration for service projects. It was named after Rotary International District 3810’s Edison “Magic” Ong in recognition of his great support for the Rotaract movement in the country which led to the achievement of the various MDIO activities and projects enumerated above.

In 2020, Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO launched its e-Learning platform dubbed as the Pilipinas Rotaract Online University. This serves as a repository of curated MDIO, district and club developed training materials relevant in growing the leadership and professional skills of Filipino Rotaractors.

The MDIO also established its website during the transition of RY 2019-2020 and RY 2020-2021. The website is serving as a one-stop shop of everything that Filipino Rotaractors need in order to run their clubs and districts. The website includes the following features/sections: About Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO and the Member Districts, MDIO and District Rotaract Leaders, Online Membership Leads, National Directory of Rotaract Clubs, MDIO Programs, Downloadable Reference Materials, Club and District Administration Templates, and Ang Balangay Blog Site for Rotaract Stories and Videos. The website was designed and developed by PDRR Louie Boy De Real.

The Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO and Toastmasters International District 75 Philippines also sealed a strategic partnership to offer the Toastmasters Speechcraft Program for Filipino Rotaractors, an offshoot of the strategic alliance between Rotary International and Toastmasters International to encourage members of the said organizations to learn and work together. Fifty Rotaractors (50) from all over the Philippines graduated in the inaugural batch that run from September 19 to October 31, 2020.

To celebrate the 52 years of Rotaract in the Philippines that began with the chartering of the first PH Rotaract Club - Rotaract Club of West Negros College - Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO, together with various host Rotaract clubs, conducted the first Pilipinas Rotaract Digital Festival (DigiFest) which featured nine virtual engagement activities spread throughout September 5 to October 4, 2020.

For the first time, Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO also actively campaigned for Rotaractors to submit nominations for the 2020 CSR Youth Awards, a recognition program of the Benita and Catalina Yap Foundation (BCYF), co-presented by Deloitte Philippines, that aims to recognize outstanding young people who have initiated projects that advance good citizenship, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility. A Rotaractor, Arcile “Arci” Padrigao, Past President of the Rotaract Club of Cebu South, was hailed as one of the national winners in recognition of the impact of her “Agas” (Flow) Project, an initiative that provided filtration tanks that convert rainwater into potable water for use by residents in remote islands in Northern Cebu.

Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO also joined eight of the major youth organizations in the Philippines to stage the Philippine Festival of Youth Action from October 20-25, 2020. The festival highlighted through videos the local youth actions to advance the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It also featured various youth-oriented online events such as webinars, workshops, quiz bees, and cultural exchanges that enabled participants to solidify their commitment for the SDGs, connect with fellow youth leaders, share common advocacies and passions, as well as start conversations for potential partnerships.

It was also in RY 2020-2021 that Pilipinas Rotaract already had its signature pin called as "Pilipinas Rotaract Bayanihan Pin". The pin name was rooted from the word "Bayanihan" or the local term for the spirit of communal unity and cooperation. For more than five decades, Rotaractors of the Philippines are doing their own shares of "Bayanihan" by transforming lives and communities through the various causes of Rotary. The pin was designed by Genesis Somera Marzan of the Rotaract Club of Uptown Dagupan 2000 and was chosen through a nationwide pin design competition. by the combined selection committee rating and Filipino Rotaractors' votes. There were 480 pins produced and distributed nationwide from November 2020 to January 2021.

On February 3, 2021, the National Youth Commission (NYC) of the Philippines approved the inclusion of the Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO in the Youth Organization Registration Program (YORP). As a YORP-registered organization, Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO and the Rotaract Clubs in the Philippines enjoys the following  privileges:

  • Be represented in congresses and activities exclusively for YORP-registered organizations

  • Access for free organizational training programs offered by NYC

  • Request for promotion of organization-initiated programs, projects and activities through the NYC’s media outlets

  • Be prioritized in the selection of representatives for youth consultations, NYC-initiated activities, international youth exchange programs, and other avenues which may provide further exposure to the organization

  • Participate and be elected in the Local Youth Development Councils

The organization has also been at the forefront of formulating policies and guidelines that could help DRRs run their respective districts.

The Rotaract MDIO in the Philippines had gone through a lot of challenges since its birth but despite of it all, it continuously grows as one. It strives to live up to its motto: “One Country, One Rotaract” - today and up to tomorrow.



The Pillars of MDIO's History of Success




RY 2022-2023


Past District Rotaract Representative

Rotary International District 3860

Rotaract Club of Downtown Davao

and Downtown Davao Tecarro College Foundation



RY 2021-2022

Serve to Change Lives

Past District Rotaract Representative

Rotary International District 3770

Rotaract Club of Calumpit




RY 2020-2021

Rotary Opens Opportunities

Past District Rotaract Representative

Rotary International District 3780

Rotaract Club of San Francisco

Del Monte Malaya Achievers


RY 2019-2020

Rotary Connects the World

Past District Rotaract Representative

Rotary International District 3790

Rotaract Club of Mariveles Freeport

Castil, Francis S [FR].jpg



RY 2018-2019

Be the Inspiration

Past District Rotaract Representative

Rotary International District 3800

Rotaract Club of New Rise

Kalookan North



RY 2017-2018

Rotary Making A Difference

Past District Rotaract Representative

Rotary International District 3870

Rotaract Club of Carmen Valley



RY 2016-2017

Rotary Serving Humanity

Past District Rotaract Representative

Rotary International District 3830

Rotaract Club of Parañaque

East Paragon

Buelo_Corporate Photo 2018.jpg



RY 2015-2016

Be A Gift to the World

Past District Rotaract Representative

Rotary International District 3810

Rotaract Club of Carmona



RY 2014-2015

Light Up Rotary

Past District Rotaract Representative

Rotary International District 3830

Rotaract Club of Parañaque

East Paragon



RY 2013-2014

Engage Rotary, Change Lives

Past District Rotaract Representative

Rotary International District 3810

Rotaract Club of Manila Metro

formal photo charlemagne p chua.JPG



RY 2012-2013

Peace Through Service

Past District Rotaract Representative

Rotary International District 3820

Rotaract Club of San Pedro South



RY 2011-2012

Reach Within to Embrace Humanity

Past District Rotaract Representative

Rotary International District 3830

Rotaract Club of Makati



RY 2010-2011

Building Communities, Bridging Continents

Past District Rotaract Representative

Rotary International District 3810

Rotaract Club of Manila




RY 2009-2010

The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands

Past District Rotaract Representative

Rotary International District 3820

Rotaract Club of Lucena South



RY 2008-2009

Make Dreams Real

Past District Rotaract Representative

Rotary International District 3810

Rotaract Club of Manila Metro



RY 2007-2008

Rotary Shares

Past District Rotaract Representative

Rotary International District 3780

Rotaract Club of Cubao


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